Vision Statement

“To promote and sustain social solidarity through the provision of financial benefits and social services to deserving individuals and families”

Mission Statement

“To ensure a better quality of life for our society, particularly for families and children, through extensive social protection coverage and an array of quality social welfare services”

The Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights (Portfolio)​ bears the responsibility of overseeing the nation’s largest financial allocation, a substantial sum totaling two billion euros annually. The role of the Social Ministry is to manage public funds and social benefits across a person’s entire life span, starting from a child’s birth. Additionally, it actively addresses current social issues.

In recent years, the Ministry has consistently strengthened its efforts by introducing various new social benefits. These benefits are primarily aimed at promoting social justice by supporting the most vulnerable members of society and recognising hard-working individuals.

Significant financial increments have been consistently allocated to pensioners, individuals with disabilities, and those who are unable to work. Concurrently, the Ministry has also fortified the “Making Work Pay” concept through several practical measures. Notable among these measures are the “In Work Benefit,” the strategic “Tapering of Benefits,” and the provision of free childcare services. These measures encourage more people to join and stay in the workforce while reducing dependence on social support.

Furthermore, the Ministry has made substantial investments in technological systems to efficiently manage and distribute the demand for monthly benefits to eligible recipients. Moreover, these systems are designed to automatically identify individuals who qualify for specific benefits.

Beyond its achievements to date, we remain committed to both addressing current social challenges and shaping a forward-looking social vision. This vision extends to the year 2035 and is aimed at providing a strategic framework to tackle a range of societal issues. These issues encompass poverty, social exclusion, family well-being, child and youth welfare, elderly care, addiction support, rehabilitation of individuals with criminal records, disability assistance, violence prevention, and immigration matters.

The Ministry’s unwavering dedication is rooted in the principles of justice and social mobility. Its ultimate goal is to foster an inclusive society that prioritises the well-being of all its members. Through its ongoing efforts, the Ministry strives to create a more equitable and caring society for everyone.