Vision Statement

“To promote and sustain social solidarity through the provision of financial benefits and social services to deserving individuals and families”


Mission Statement

“To ensure a better quality of life for our society, particularly for families and children, through extensive social protection coverage and an array of quality social welfare services”

The Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights (Portfolio)​ is committed to enhance the social well-being and life prospects of society in general and vulnerable people in particular. It seeks to achieve this commitment by continually improving the social security and social welfare provisions that it offers so as to:​

  • provide adequate and sustainable social benefits for individuals and families in need​

  • offer quality social welfare services

  • promote and safeguard the welfare and rights of children

In its commitment to fulfil its mission, the Ministry adopts the following principles:

  • Doing it Right – Recognising changing social trends, acknowledging emerging needs and adopting the proper professional / technical interventions to deal efficiently and effectively with clients legitimate needs

  • Customer Focused – Deal with clients helpfully, promptly and sensitively, whilst acknowledging their individual circumstances and respecting their dignity and confidentiality at all times

  • Open and Accountable – Adopting clear policies and procedures and ensuring that information, and advice are provided in a clear, accurate and complete manner

  • Acting proportionately –​ Treating citizens impartially, with respect and courtesy

  • Putting things Right – Listening to clients complaints and offering a fair and appropriate remedy when a complaint is upheld

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