In exercise of the powers conferred by article 4 of the Social Work Profession Act, (Cap. 468.​), and for the purpose of that Act, the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights, has approved the appointment of the persons listed hereunder on the Social Work Profession Board. 


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How can I practise Social Work in Malta?

For information on how to practise Social Work in Malta, click here​ to view document.

Social Work Profession Act

The Social Work Profession in Malta is regulated by the Social Work Profession Act, Chapter 468 of the Laws of Malta. The Social Work Act, first enacted in 2003, aims to make provision for the regulation of the social work profession and to provide for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto. The Social Work Act offers the legal guidance on the composition of the Social Work Profession Board and its respective functions, social work warrant and warranting procedures and guidance for any arising disciplinary concerns.​

Social Work Code of Ethics

In 2018, the Social Work Profession Board, together with the Maltese Assocation of Social Workers, has launched the Social Work Code of Ethics.  This document is intended to act as guidance for the conduct of social workers through their professional practise.  Click here​ to view document.

Social Work Warrant Application

A social worker can forward an application for a Maltese Social Work warrant by completing this form and forward it to the Social Work Profession Board, as per Article 6 of the Social Work Profession Act.  The Board’s standard practise is to review every application on a case by case basis.  Every applicant is informed of the outcome of respective application.  If one’s application does not meet the required criteria, the Board shall inform the applicant of the further requirements needed. Click here​ to view document.

Application for Register of Unwarranted Social Workers

Every unwarranted social worker in Malta is responsible of informing the Social Work Profession Board of such professional status upon starting social work practise, as per Article 3. (7) & (8) of the Social Work Profession Act.  SWPB attends to maintain an updated version of the Register of Unwarranted Social Workers. Click here​ to view document.

Application for Employed Social Workers to be forwarded by Employing Organisations

In order for the Social Work Profession Board to further ensure a high professional standard of social work practise in Malta, all organisations employing social work professionals in Malta attending to social work practise need to forward an application with the requested details to the same board. Click here​ to view document.

Inquiry Procedure – Social Work Profession Board

In case of any arising complaint about the professional conduct of any social work practise in the Maltese islands, one can refer to the Inquiry Procedure enforced by the Social Work Profession Board. The purpose of this procedure is to receive, investigate and adjudicate allegations concerning a claim of professional misconduct, gross negligence and/or incompetence by a social worker. Click here​ to view document.

Documentation Retention Policy

This Policy is aimed at regulating the retention, maintenance and disposal of documentation, both personal and other, within the Malta Social Work Profession Board (SWPB), as provided for in the Social Work Profession Act, Cap. 468 of the Laws of Malta, and in consonance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related legislation, and other legal provisions in Maltese Law.  Click here​ to view document.​

​​​List of Warranted Social Workers in Malta

This is the updated version of the list of Warranted Social Workers in Malta, as published in the Government Gazette, as per Article 5. (2), of the Social Work Profession Act as at March 2021. Click here​ to view document.​​​​​​​​​​