The Operations Directorate was set up on 15th January 2020 after the Directorate for the Simplification of Bureaucracy was re-designated to Operations Directorate (Organisational Chart)

The Directorate plays a critical role in the operational and communications strategy for the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights.  A key component of this role is the responsibility for the planning, direction and coordination of the organisation and the effective delivery of the customer care service in the community.

In addition, this Directorate will remain the focal point and catalyst for the simplification of bureaucracy, leading and coordinating change initiatives in the Ministry and related entities to simplify procedures and practices, mainly in those areas of service directly related to the citizens. ​ 

Main Responsibilities of the Director (Operations)

  1. To manage, control and direct staff under his/her direct responsibility and provide leadership and management including supervision, performance evaluation, discipline and delegation of authority
  2. To draw, co-ordinate and oversee plans, strategies and operational programmes to develop customer support processes and services to enhance customer satisfaction
  3. To develop and manage outreach initiatives strategically aimed at making vulnerable and poorly educated citizens more aware; and to facilitate the timely delivery of such entitlements and benefits
  4. To establish and maintain an effective data and information base to ensure proper and timely response to requests for information from the public and care service providers and agencies
  5. To administer online surveys to explore customer attitudes, expectations, needs, and gauge levels of customer satisfaction to further improve services and accordingly recommend changes and initiatives
  6. To plan, implement and monitor the yearly simplification plan of the ministry and related entities to maximize the efficiency of operational systems and processes
  7. To regularly evaluate procedures and processes according to organizational objectives and where necessary recommend solutions for improvement and set goals for greater efficiency
  8. To devise change strategies and establish clear performance targets to improve operational performance. In collaboration with the Chief Information Officer of the Ministry, explore innovative technologies to identify new product development opportunities to improve the provision of customer care
  9. To build and maintain relationships with department heads, external partners and front liners to make decisions regarding operational activity and strategic goals
  10. To supervise the maintenance support team and plan and coordinate their programme of works to maintain, refurbish and repair the premises of the ministry and outstations
  11. To establish and implement appropriate estate management processes and procedures (including security and Health & Safety) across the premises/buildings used by, or in the custody of, the Ministry​


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