A key resource within the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights is the use of information, communication and technology. The focus is on improving the way that the Ministry uses technology as a sound and effective foundation for delivering its corporate objectives. The right approach to and proper investment in information, communication and technology provide the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights with the opportunity to transform the way it does business. Keeping this in mind, the primary focus of the Information Management Unit​ is the strategic direction and management of information by ensuring that data is translated into information as a strategic resource.

Society has been provided with social services and financial protection to secure basic well-being for over 60 years. The Government’s social policy has been addressing people’s expectations both in terms of services offered and the way these services are made available. Using technology, services are closer to our clients, accessible through mobile devices. Today, clients can apply for services online, access personalised services and monitor the progress of applications. More control is given to clients through the social security benefits calculators.

The Ministry’s commitment to a secure basic well-being remains valid. Today, there is an opportunity to use technology for more challenging goals including improved policy-making decisions and the personalised delivery of services. As social services are directly linked to other functions in the Public Administration; (funding is directly related to taxation and benefits are often linked to other services such as health, employment and family), managing information becomes key and a major priority in strategic plans.

Modernisation of major systems will among other objectives, achieve greater coordination with other Ministries and access to data that will enable management to take well-informed decisions about policies and programmes. The Ministry shall contribute to the once-only goal through connected systems with inland revenue, JobsPlus and others. Upcoming projects are planned so that clients, directly or as represented by their appointed professionals, record and share data for a better and more personalised service. The aim is to put clients at the centre of services, by simplifying processes, offering services on a self-service basis and where feasible automate the provision of benefits.

In recent years the electronic world has become an integral part in people lives. To this regard, the ministry is at the forefront to have an online presence. eGovernment is the way the ministry provides public information and online services to citizens. The objective is to provide citizens with 24/7 up-to-date information and delivery of online services, which enable a more transparent and effective way to deliver services.​​​​​​

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