• Counsellors Temporary Warrant

    The Council for the Counselling Profession in Malta has decided that students can apply for a Counsellors temporary warrant on presentation of a full transcript from University.​


    Note for All New Applicants for Warrant

    Those who are submitting their application for warrant, are kindly requested to submit a true copy of their scroll as from the 23rd of November 2020.

    For those who have lately applied for the temporary warrant and haven’t submit the qualification scroll issued by the university of Malta are requested by the Council for the Counselling Profession to submit a true certified copy of their qualification scroll at their earliest. In order to have one’s name listed as a warranted counsellor on the council’s website, it is imperative that this procedure is adhered to.



    Kindly note that for a counsellor to move from a temporary to a permanent warrant 1000 contact client hours need to be carried out. Supervision for those with a temporary warrant is 1:15.

    The Council would like to point out that supervision cannot be provided by the direct line manager of the supervisee due to dual roles. This applies both to those holding a temporary and permanent warrant”.

    Supervision offered by trainee supervisors cannot be considered when applying for warrant as they are not yet qualified supervisors.

    The Council is currently working on guidelines for supervision. This process will be finalized in the coming months. This draft document will then be distributed to warranted counsellors to start a process of consultation.


    Warranting Ceremony

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that The Council for the Counselling Profession in Malta in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights, will be holding the Counsellors’ Warranting Ceremony on Friday, 24th September 2021 at 18:00hrs which will be held at the Aula Magna, University of Malta, Valletta Campus premises.

    Personal invitations will be sent out by the Council Secretary, Miss Audrey Micallef Grimaud, through email which need to be RSVP by Friday, 17th September 2021 latest.

    According to current COVID-19 criteria all those present need to scan a valid vaccination certificate and present an appropriate means of identification such as an Identity Card or Passport at the door prior to being allowed entry. All current COVID-19 measures will be adhered to, including wearing of masks inside the premises and use of hand sanitizer.

    We look forward to hosting you for this event.

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