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Who we are

The vision of the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights is to promote and sustain social justice and solidarity by providing social benefits and services to families and other persons who are eligible for them.

In fact, the mission of the Ministry is to ensure a better quality of life for our society, particularly for families and children, pensioners, social beneficiaries and other vulnerable people.

The Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights is committed towards improving the social well-being and prospects for life of our society in general, but in particular of vulnerable people. The Ministry seeks to achieve this by continuously improving social security provisions and social protection services in order to:

  • Provide adequate and sustainable pensions and social benefits to those who need them or have contributed to them
  • Provide quality social protection services, whilst promoting the strengthening of families
  • Promote and safeguard the protection and rights of children
  • Address the ongoing and emerging social needs in the country

All this is achieved through the design of policies, measures and ongoing initiatives and the ongoing work of the departments and directorates of the Ministry.