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Press Release by the Ministry for Justice and Social Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights: More than one milion euros for domestic violence victims

04.10.2021 | Press Releases

Reference Number: PR211825

A social agreement was reached, so as to enable the continued operation of two residencies which host victims of domestic violence and their family members. This agreement was sealed on Monday afternoon between the Minister for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights and “Dar Merħba Bik”. 

This was made possible via an investment of more than a million euros (€1,074,195) over a period of three years. Thus, this agreement was able to be re-extended. 

“Dar Merħba Bik” and “Dar Santa Bakhita” offer shelter to women who, together with their children, have ended up in some kind of dangerous situations brought about due to domestic violence. The government, by means of FSWS, will be financing the management of these two residencies by means of an alternative residential programme in an emergency shelter, for those individuals who have ended up in danger. “Dar Santa Bakhita” fulfills the role of “semi-independent living”, with the ultimate goal being that of integrating these victims back into society, so that they would be able to re-live their best possible life, after the traumatic experience that they have undergone. 

“This government will remain committed to keep assisting these victims. I am most satisfied with the manner in which knowledge and awareness of such situations have increased over the last few years, and thus there is the need that we continue to invest in each and every person. Every human being is important across society as a whole, and without any prejudice we should ensure that we include everybody”, stated Minister Michael Falzon.​