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Press Release by the Ministry for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing and the Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights: Social workers to strengthen the independence and dignity of the elderly

08.09.2021 | Press Releases

Reference Number: PR211639

An agreement was signed between the FSWS (Foundation for Social Welfare Services) and the AACC (Active Ageing and Community Care), through which social workers and social welfare professionals would be able to work within the Social Work Unit of the AACC. This is aimed towards achieving the objective that the Social Work Unit continues to improve the quality of life of the senior citizens living in the community, whilst promoting their indipendence, their autonomy and their dignity. 

The social workers from AACC work closely with the hospitals, the police, religious groups, local councils and with other professionals within the FSWS. As an average, the Social Work Unit deals with around 150 references per month. During 2020, the Social Work Unit received 1,587 cases, whereas by the end of July of this year 1,042 cases were received. 

At the end of the signing of the agreement, the Minister for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing, Michael Farrugia, said that the social workers motivate and offer courage to the senior citizens so as to be able to face their social problems whilst continuing to live an active and independent life. 

Minister Michael Farrugia, also said that the social workers further aid the senior citizens who are experiencing social challenges, whilst they are living in a residency for long-term care. 

From his end, the Minister for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights, Michael Falzon, said that this is a living example of how the government works hand-in-hand for the benefit of who is in need. Minister Falzon stressed the importance of the holistic care given to senior citizens, through the services offered by the social workers. 

Minister Falzon said the Foundation for Social Welfare Services remains committed to providing the best services to the families, children, senior citizens and all those who require a social service. 

The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive of the Department for Active Ageing, Renzo Degabriele and the Deputy Chief Executive of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, Charles Scerri.