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Press Release by the Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights: the €1,000 grant for those adopting children from Malta takes effect

31.05.2021 | Press Releases

Reference Number: PR211031

Another social measure pertaining to the budget has taken effect, this measure shall be financially assisting persons or couples who adopt children from Malta. In fact these person shall benefit from a grant of €1,000 that shall cover expenses in connection with legal documentation and other expenses.

The Minister for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon announced this grant during a press conference as part of campaign of the Government for the People on Monday morning in Għargħur.

Minister Michael Falzon said that the last four years show how this Government has been able to be there for the people in order to assist everyone, with everybody inspired by the same purpose: that of carrying out social justice.

Minister Michael Falzon stated that our country has retained the same level of employment during the pandemic and was even one of the three European countries to increase employment throughout this year. With reference to the measures relating to local adoptions, the Minister said that 90% of the budget measures  of 2021 have now been implemented, while over 90% of the electoral manifesto measures falling under the Ministry have been carried out. The measure related to adoption which was announced potentially targets around 90 children who can be adopted locally.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS), Alfred Grixti explained how the Child Protection (Alternative Care) Act has gone through the second stage including the additional amendments so as to be further fine-tuned. The time has come so that a number of children can join their adoptive families.

Alfred Grixti also spoke about the €10,000 grant for persons who adopt abroad- until now 84 couples and 7 single persons benefitted from this grant. Between them, they have adopted 115 boys and girls and benefitted from around one million euro.