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Press Release by the Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights and by the Ministry for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing: Professional Training for the delivery of difficult news related to a child or the condition of a baby

27.05.2021 | Press Releases

Reference Number: PR211002

The Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights together with the Ministry for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing  came together to address a sensitive area in which to date, there had been little professional knowledge. This is the area concerning pregnancy complications  or  in the very early development stages of a baby. This conference announced  the introduction of professional training for all those who must give difficult news to parents, or in some instances those who are directly impacted. This specialised training shall be delivered over 12 sessions which shall be given by the Positive Parenting Task Force, the Midwives Association, Paediatricians, and the Department of Disability Studies within the University of Malta.

Often it is the doctors, paediatricians and other workers in the health sector who are front liners. who have to give this difficult news to parents. All this during a time considered one of the most joyful, loving and unifying for the family awaiting the arrival of a child.

This information was announced during a conference by Minister Michael Falzon and Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, who both reiterated the importance of better addressing this area in the best interests of those who are going through such difficult times, as well as for professionals who often meet with these cases.

Minister Michael Falzon said that this initiative is another first for Malta and promised that he shall be investing further resources to give more professional training to all those who have to deliver difficult news to parents or even to those who are directly impacted.

Minister Falzon said that this training shall assist professionals to deliver the message regarding health conditions or news of the children to their families. Moreover, such message should be delivered in a positive and optimistic manner

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli stated that this training programme addresses some of the most difficult moments in life and in the career of our professionals and front liners. These are our intermediaries in such sensitive moments in life, which  require continuity and determination during this time of fortitude and challenges.  

Minister Farrugia Portelli explained how each professional in the health care area knows that throughout their career  they will have instances when they will need to show sensitivity, love and insight when faced with delicate and often times cruel realities of life. This is the time when their professionalism and the patient’s dignity and that of their loved ones need to merge, to pave the path for the journey and grant courage for the future. It is also the point at which the family is referred for support and services offered in connection with particular conditions.

The Chairperson of the Positive Parenting Task Force, Ruth Rose Sciberras was also present at the conference. During the event, real experiences of people who had lived through similar situations were presented with the aim of giving comfort to other families who are going through the same experiences and also to raise awareness on the subject among professionals.