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National Alcohol Policy

When used irresponsibly, alcohol negatively impacts the individual, families and the entire society. Within this Draft National Alcohol Policy, a multifaceted multi-sectoral approach is identified as necessary in order to minimise harm. Multi-sectoral collaboration between legislators, the police, health and social care providers, and the alcohol and tourist industry, is required to ensure the effective implementation of this policy. The areas addressed in the 24 actions recognise the need to develop, implement and evaluate practices, measures and programmes that are socially and culturally appropriate.

The National Alcohol Policy identifies general measures addressed to the entire population as well as measures targeting young people. No single measure will be effective if taken in isolation. Through this policy, the Ministry responsible for social policy, through the National Coordinating Unit for Drugs and Alcohol, aims to ensure that there is consolidation of initiatives and coordination between the various Ministries, voluntary organisations and other bodies who are required to commit themselves to preventing alcohol use among those aged under seventeen and reducing the harmful use of alcohol among adults that includes drink driving. The policy per se is thus an attempt to reduce and prevent the potential harm and negative consequences of alcohol on the individual, the family and society at large.

This document is being launched for public consultation on the 6 October 2016. The public consultation shall be open for six weeks untill the 17 November 2016.