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A Positive Parenting Policy for Malta

The government, through the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity, has launched its Positive Parenting Policy for public consultation.

Positive parenting refers to behaviours that are carried out by parents or others designated to this role. It prioritizes children’s best interests, helping them grow in an environment that is free from violence and conducive to their healthy development.

It is being proposed that this policy will be embedded in a cultural context where work-family balance is prioritised through family friendly measures which empower both parents to participate in the upbringing of the children and where parents are supported to have their ideal number of children. The policy also depends on more specialised training being offered to professional staff working with children and families. Widespread awareness and education on positive parenting through different means of communication will reach Maltese families as part of the implementation of this policy.

A number of universal interventions build on the services already on offer and cut across different departments and ministries thus creating a better synergy and a seamless continuation of services from one entity to another. These will be complemented by targeted interventions, where necessary. The latter will be especially aimed at parents who are considered hard to reach and to be most at risk. An increase of professionals working with parents is considered important for the implementation of the policy.

Policy Document:

Draft Policy

Raising Children with a Positive Parenting Approach