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Permanent Secretary

Permanent Secretary – Mr Mark Musu’

Mr Mark Musu’ joined the Public Service in 1986, holding various positions within the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights and Department of Social Security ever since. He worked in various positions within this Department until December 2005 when he was appointed Director responsible for EU & International Affairs within the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity. In November 2008, Mr Musu’ was appointed Director (Strategic Development and International Relations) and in November 2012 Director (Pensions Strategy), both in the Department of Social Security. During these years he represented Malta in various EU social security and other international committees, conferences and seminars.

In March 2013 he was appointed Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity and held the position to date. He is also currently chairperson of the Pensions Strategy Group which amongst others is tasked with drawing up an ongoing 5-yearly comprehensive review aimed at securing the adequacy and sustainability of the pension system in Malta. He is also member of the Sustainable Development Network Board, member of the Anti-Human Trafficking Committee and also board member of the Malta Communications Authority.

He has been re-confirmed as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights following the commencement of the new legislature in March 2022.

In November 2020 Mr Musu’ was also assigned the responsibility to act as Permanent Secretary of for the Ministry for Social Accommodation. He also been re-confirmed in this position in March 2022 in the now Ministry for Social and Affordable Accommodation.

Mr Musu’ is graduated in Public Administration.