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Departments and Entities

The Commissioner for Children is responsible for the welfare and the protection of children, the promotion of children’s rights, ensuring the provision of necessary services for children and the participation of children. The office of the Commissioner for Children, acts as a focal point which monitors the current social and cultural situation in relation to children. The Children’s Commissioner was established under the Commissioner for Children Act (CAP. 462.).

The Department of Social Security (DSS) provides for two basic schemes, namely the Contribut​ory Scheme and the Non-Contributory Scheme. The Social Security Act (CAP. 318.), forms the basis of two robust pillars on which benefits are paid. It is based on regular payments that covers residents for certain benefits in sickness and maternity, retirement, invalidity and widows, injury and occupational diseases, unemployment and family benefits.

​​The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) through Agenzija Appoġġ, Agenzija Sedqa and LEAP, provide comprehensive prevention, support, and treatment services within both the community and residential settings. Social workers and other professionals within dedicated service areas of these agencies, work with various target groups including children, families and adults in need, persons with addiction problems, and people at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The Foundation is governed by a Boa​rd consisting of a President and not less than four other members who are appointed by the Prime Minister from among persons, who can make a valid contribution to it through their experience in the fields of social welfare in gener​al and social welfare research in particular.​

Positive Parenting focuses on building a connection and a healthy relationship with children while also providing children with boundaries, structure and natural consequences when needed.