The Ministry

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Vision Statement

“To promote and sustain social solidarity through the provision of financial benefits and social services to deserving individuals and families”

Mission Statement
“To ensure a better quality of life for our society, particularly for families and children, through extensive social protection coverage and an array of quality social welfare services”

The Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity (Portfolio)​ is committed to enhance the social well-being and life prospects of society in general and vulnerable people in particular. It seeks to achieve this commitment by continually improving the social security and social welfare provisions that it offers so as to:​
  • provide adequate and sustainable social benefits for individuals and families in need​
  • offer quality social welfare services
  • promote and safeguard the welfare and rights of children
  • increase the availability of affordable and decent housing that strengthens our communities
  • encourage and support active ageing through the provision of community services whilst catering for higher dependence needs through adequate long-term residential / nursing care facilities and safeguard equal opportunities for all persons with disability​​

The Ministry works closely with the Better Regulation Unit and the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy, to ensure that Better Regulation principles and procedures are applied consistently throughout the Ministry with a view to facilitate people’s access to services and enhance timely provision of such services.​​

In its commitment to fulfil its mission, the Ministry adopts the following principles:
  • Doing it Right – Recognising changing social trends, acknowledging emerging needs and adopting the proper professional / technical interventions to deal efficiently and effectively with clients legitimate needs
  • Customer Focused – Deal with clients helpfully, promptly and sensitively, whilst acknowledging their individual circumstances and respecting their dignity and confidentiality at all times
  • Open and Accountable – Adopting clear policies and procedures and ensuring that information, and advice are provided in a clear, accurate and complete manner
  • Acting proportionately –​ Treating citizens impartially, with respect and courtesy
  • Putting things Right – Listening to clients complaints and offering a fair and appropriate remedy when a complaint is upheld

The Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity

The Ministry strives to ascertain an improved quality of life through the provision of sufficient social benefits for individuals and families in need; quality social welfare services and proper housing in order to boost the local communities. In addition, appropriate long-term care and quality services are provided for the elderly with a strong concentration on active ageing and keeping such people in the community for as long as possible. Central is also the preservation of equal opportunities for all persons with disability in all aspects.
The above is catered for by a synergy of competent networking, cooperation and good communication between its departments, directorates and entities. In its commitment to enhance social cohesion, solidarity and social inclusion for all, the Ministry continuously seeks to improve the range of services that it offers with a view to efficiently and effectively address ongoing and emerging needs.

Untitled-2.jpg  ​Meet the Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity

The Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing and Persons with Disability

The Parliamentary Secretariat’s strategy aims to eliminate barriers to access facing people with disabilities. Thus, people with disabilities and their families should be able to participate on an equal basis with others in all aspects of social and economic life. They need to be able to exercise their rights as citizens, including the right to free movement, to choose where and how they live, and to full access to cultural, leisure and sport activities.
The Parliamentary Secretariat’s vision for active ageing is that it should be a largely preventive concept, involving all age groups in the process of ageing actively across the life course. Homes are not the only item on the Parliamentary Secretariat’s agenda. The Secretariat vision is to ensure a quality of life for older people in the community, working tirelessly to improve the range of community services.