Press Release by the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity: CBM cooperates with ĠEMMA to promote financial literacy

Reference Number: PR202345en, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 21, 2020
The Central Bank of Malta is cooperating with ĠEMMA to produce another set of videos aimed at promoting financial capability. The Bank provides ongoing practical assistance to the agency and will also help with the dissemination of the videos via its social media presence.
Minister Michael Falzon welcomed this initiative and insisted that financial literacy should be one of the core subjects being taught in schools and also early in childhood in every household. These videos include the use of credit cards and budgeting for everyday use, as well as for special expenditure. Additionally, the authors have also included material on saving for a rainy day and planning for retirement."
Mark Musu, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for the Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity, to whom ĠEMMA reports, stated that; “ĠEMMA is privileged to have entered into a Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Agreement with the Central Bank of Malta to produce a series of short videos on money management education."  Mr Musu added that this is the first of the series that the Ministry and the Central Bank of Malta are working on together. These videos, directed to instil financial capability knowledge amongst the general public, add to the education resources available to ĠEMMA to meet this objective.
The videos can be easily accessed from​