Press Release by the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity: Adoptees will benefit from technological development in this sector

Reference Number: PR192435, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 12, 2019
Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity Michael Falzon together with Matthew Vella, Chief Executive Officer, Social Care Standards Authority that incorporates the Malta Central Authority for Adoptions, addressed a conference organised by the Centre for the International Legal Protection for Children and Youths in Slovakia. During the conference, the advances that Malta made in the adoptions sector by the Malta Central Authority were highlighted.  
Minister Michael Falzon stated that Malta has recently embarked on a three-year National Adoption Strategy for children and their families, covering the years 2019 through to 2022. 
This national strategy is based on three priority areas; the first being that of attaining a client-centred approach; the second one being promoting the professional development of adoption agencies and staff, and the third priority area being the establishment of an integrated approach. 
Minister Michael Falzon said that on a national level, Malta has also recently gone through a revamp in the legislation related to children, with the soon to be in force Minors Protection Act. This act simplifies freeing for adoption and aims to increase the uptake of local adoptions; which are relatively uncommon in our society.
Minister Michael Falzon insisted that the government of Malta is also striving to excel in IT integrated systems with shifts aimed to simplify processes, as much as possible, in the field of intercountry adoptions. Modernising systems will ultimately mean an increase in operational capacity and quality, whilst still ensuring that the service user is getting the best-quality social welfare services provision in Malta, concluded Minister Michael Falzon.
Matthew Vella mentioned the adoptions and the search for origins in a digital era. An integrated I.T. system will simplify processes, reduce bureaucratic barriers, and store information with an unprecedented level of security and transparency. The newly-integrated I.T. system will be part of the Adoption Reform in Malta (2019 – 2021) that incorporates the National Adoption Strategy (2019 -2022), the Social Regulatory Standards for Adoption and Collaborative Platform with all adoption stakeholders. 
The introduction of a modern system will increase in operational capacity and quality, whilst ensuring that the service user is receiving high-quality social welfare service. Matthew Vella also invited the international adoption stakeholders to work together with Malta on this integrated I.T. system to simplify the international adoption processes.