Permanent Secretary

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The Office of the Permanent Secretary is responsible, generally, for the overall coordination of the activities of the respective line departments, agencies and entities that together execute the functions and contribute to the effective fulfilment of the Ministry’s and Government’s objectives. Accordingly, the Permanent Secretary is the accountable officer, with responsibility for the daily operations of the Ministry in carrying out its mandate. The organisational structure of the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity is illustrated graphically by the Organisational Chart.​

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​The Corporate Services Directorate is generally responsible for the administration, human resources and general support function of the Ministry. In this regard, the directorate offers support and advice ​to the departments and entities falling under the Ministry’s area of responsibility on issues related to related to human resource management, procurement and office management.​
​​ ​​The Director General (Research, Policy and Operations), is responsible for the research, develop​ment and implementation of social policy in Malta with the aim to enhance the social wellbeing of citizens. The Division comprises the Director General’s Office, Directorate for Corporate Services, the Operations Directorate, the Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate.
IMU ICON, 70.png The Information Management Unit’s primary role is to ensure alignment of information, communication and technology with the Ministry's priorities and strategic objectives. In this regard, the Information Management Unit provides support and advise to the Ministry's departments and entities to enhance productivity through the innovative use of technology.​
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​The Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate is directly responsible for co-ordinating European Union related matters, both at a domestic level and with other European Union stakeholders and for co-ordinating the formulation of the Ministry's position on policies proposed by the European Union.  It is also tasked to assist in the drawing up of policies in matter​​s relating to Social Affairs; and to coordinate and monitor the implementation of European Union co-financed projects and programmes pertaining to the Ministry.​

The Operations Directorate is responsible for the planning, direction and coordination of the organization and the effective delivery of the customer care service in the community. The Directorate is also responsible for the planning and coordination of change initiatives within the Ministry and related entities to simplify work procedures and practices. Administration of the MFCS technical one-stop shop hub also falls within the responsibility of this Directorate.
Icons Guardianship.png ​The Guardianship Board is appointed by the President of Malta acting on the advice of the Prime Minister given after consultation with the Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. Guardianship is a legal relationship between a person who has a disability or a mental disorder and another person called the Guardian. The purpose of Guardianship is to provide support to the person in managing their own affairs and to advocate for their rights and best interests.