Information Management Unit

The Information Management Unit (IMU) is the primary ICT business driver of the Ministry. The IMU champions consolidation within the Ministry, contributes to development of corporate Ministerial ICT and e-Government policies and strategies, is a key player in active application of ICTs for the improvement in service delivery and realisation of efficiency gains, nodes for the dissemination of best practice and primary feedback channel.

The IMU is the primary interface of the Ministry with Malta Information and Training Authority (MITA) and Core ICT Advisory Committee (CITAC). MITA provides the Ministry with core services such as email and internet, effects monitoring and compliance facets of ICT governance function, and advises the IMU about primary technology and ICT operations.

CITAC is the corporate champion and leader of the ‘ICT in Government’ function which determines Government’s ICT in Government strategy, corporate ICT policy, top-level monitoring of programme implementation, promoter of best practice and management of financials.