Director General - Social Policy

The Director General for Social Policy, set up in December 2013, is mainly responsible for developing an integrated policy framework in line with societal needs and aspirations so as to enhance social well-being in general and the prospects of vulnerable people in particular.


“To initiate, develop and co-ordinate policy initiatives in relation to the remit of the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity, and mainstream social policy values across other policy areas.”

Main functions:  

  • draw up national social policies;
  • compile technical reports and provide analysis/feedback to policies, strategies and documents that directly or indirectly focus on social policy matters, both on a national and EU level;
  • identify social policy targets and indicators;
  • take an active role in national Boards, Committees and Working Groups;
  • participate in national seminars, conferences and workshops as well as in EU fora that address social inclusion and social protection issues;
  • oversee and spearhead research projects in order to provide scientific and empirical-based data for policy formulation;
  • liaise with relevant stakeholders to develop, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate various initiatives and programmes;
  • Carry out Social Impact Assessments for proposed major non-infrastructural initiatives.