Positive Parenting

A National Strategic Policy for Positive Parenting 2016-2024 is based upon the premise that a positive approach to parenting is considered an investment in the future of Maltese society. The adoption of such an approach is considered to be both cost-effective as well as a major support for parents as they face today’s challenges. Positive parenting refers to parents’ behaviour (or that of individuals designated to this role) which prioritises children’s best interests in order to help them grow in an environment that is free from violence and conducive to their healthy development, while at the same time providing all the necessary guidance and support.
The Strategic Policy on positive parenting specifically aims at building and sustaining a positive culture and infrastructure for parents and their children, where parents are supported in various ways to fulfil their role to the best of their abilities.
The development and implementation of this Strategic Policy is embedded in a cultural context where work-family balance is prioritised through family friendly measures. This in turn empowers and enables parents to participate in the upbringing of their children and provides the necessary support such that new parents can have their desired number of children.
Throughout this Strategic Policy, a number of universal interventions that build on current services are proposed such that the importance of preventive work with both parents and children is highlighted. A number of evidence-based preventive and interventive parenting programmes at different stages of the family life cycle are also proposed. Such proposed programmes encompass various Ministries and Departments, hence creating a greater synergy to help deliver a seamless and continuous service provision. With respect to parents who are deemed to be hard to reach or mostly at risk, specialised and targeted interventions will also be provided.
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