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The technical one-stop shop hub, situated at Hornsditch (near the Floriana Park & Ride) and named ĊENTRU SERVIZZ FAMILJA, provides an expert, single-access and multi-agency service location for our clients, including pensioners, old age persons, social beneficiaries, jobless persons, persons with disability and other vulnerable persons.
Ċentru Servizz Familja provides access to almost all the services, which support all of this Ministry’s priorities, mainly social security, social accommodation, social welfare and social care.  The service is provided in conjunction with Agenzija Servizz.Gov.
The Mission Statement (Impenjati li nipprovudlek servizzi ta’ kwalità taħt saqaf wieħed) and Quality Service Charter of Ċentru Servizz Familja, articulates the shared purpose and reflects the vision, values and culture of the Ministry for the Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity (MFCS)
The customer service is provided by technical agents who received specialised training to deliver the best infomation possible including advice and guidance.  In practice, the public can go to just one place and be provided with all the information it needs at individual desks and what benefits the client may be eligible to receive.
Applications for services may be lodged there for various benefits and services and then processed at the back ends of the respective departments or entities.  Centru Servizz Familja will keep tracking these processes through a Customer Relationship Management sytem operated by Servizz.Gov until all queries are addressed and closed.

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​Facilitating more services offered through this Ministry. Our aim is to reduce bureaucracy whilst offering a more holistic service, all under one roof.​
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Ċentru ​Servizz Familja – servizz.gov offers specialised services including those related to Social Security, Social Accommodation, Social Care and Social Welfare.​
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      Ċentru Servizz Familja servizz.gov
      Emvin Cremona Street
      Floriana FRN 1290 

 Contact Number
      Freephone 153


 Opening Hours

 Monday - Saturday
 08:00 - 13:00
 16:30 - 19:00​