Council for the Counselling Profession

Counselling is a means of relating and responding to clients with the aim of giving them safe space and time to explore their feelings, beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.  These opportunities can help them to develop and/or broaden own thoughts and awareness, and to explore alternatives to their situation. This enables clients to take informed decisions on future direction and encourages them towards living in a more personally satisfying and resourceful way. Counselliing may be held with individuals, couples, families and groups.
Address:   Ms Audrey Micallef Grimaud
                 Council Secretary 
                 Council for the Counselling Profession
                 Aġenzija Appogg
                 36, Triq San Luqa​

Tel. No.:   2295 9359

Chairperson:         Ms Dorianne Coleiro

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Dean Hili

Members:            ​  Mr Jesmond Friggieri
​                       ​        Ms Sylvana Gafa'
                               ​​Ms Suzanne Mohnani
                               ​Ms Claudine Cachia
                               Dr Dione Mifsud

Secretary:              Ms Audrey Micallef Grimaud​